L.A. Might Be Too Small For Demi Lovato And Ashley Greene, Gasps Site

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By Daniel Gates

Demi Lovato Ashley Greene


One day after the happy news about Demi Lovato’s exit from rehab, HollywoodLife almost seems eager to see things go downhill. As Gossip Cop reported, Lovato has left a treatment center and returned to her life in Los Angeles, where she’s back with family and friends, and will continue to see doctors. But trouble lurks around the corner, warns the webloid.

According to the site, Lovato “now has to risk another huge challenge – possibly running into her ex and his girlfriend!” That couple, of course, would be Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene, whom several outlets blamed for Lovato’s issues this past fall, even though though there was no real connection between them.

HollywoodLies, as it has been nicknamed, is in the business of stirring controversy, so the site keeps raising the possibility that Jonas and Greene “drove Demi to her breaking point.” Now, the three young stars are in Los Angeles again, leading the webloid to contend, “It is only a matter of time before their inevitable run-in,” the one that could be “too much for Demi to handle.”

Sigh. Let’s ignore the fact that Los Angeles is bigger than, say, a high school, and that just being there doesn’t mean having to see everyone else who happens to live there. There is zero evidence that Ashley Greene triggered Demi Lovato’s trip to rehab. Zero.

If they do see each other, there’s not going to be some kind of face-to-face cataclysm. This is simply a matter of HollywoodLife creating controversy where none exists. Gossip Cop is curious to know how the site thinks Lovato should avoid Greene. Should the two actresses alternate weeks in Los Angeles?

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