Tori Spelling To Dean McDermott: Get A Vasectomy, I’m DONE Having Your Babies! (VIDEO)

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Tori Spelling Vasectomy

By Daniel Gates


Tori Spelling Vasectomy


Tori Spelling talks about her desire for Dean McDermott to get a vasectomy in a dramatic new “True Tori” clip which shows the couple discussing the issue with their therapist.

In the video, Spelling reveals that she and McDermott had originally raised the idea of a vasectomy last year, right before he infamously cheated with Emily Goodhand. The counselor asks whether the timing seemed “suspicious” to Spelling.

“Yes,” says Spelling, going on to explain, “And now I feel the roles have completely reversed. I was super-hesitant and he was like, ‘Let’s do it!’ And now he’s like, ‘Mmm, OK.’ And I’m like, ‘Let’s do it!’ But because of what I went through, I know that I don’t want any more babies with him.”

McDermott is visibly upset at the last comment. “There’s consequences to actions,” Spelling says, tearing up. “I felt the need to say it.” She then absentmindedly makes a chopping motion, which we assume is merely a coincidence and has nothing to do with McDermott’s plumbing getting snipped.

Earlier this season, a crying Spelling said she felt “overwhelmed with life” and by the “responsibility of having to take care of so many people financially.”

Check out the clip below, and tell us what you think.


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