Dean McDermott SLAMS Ex-Wife To Tori Spelling: “She’s F*cking Crazy” (VIDEO)

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Dean McDermott True Tori Video

By Shari Weiss


Dean McDermott True Tori Video


Dean McDermott goes on a tirade against his ex-wife in a new preview of “True Tori.” The footage is set to air on Tuesday’s new episode.


Here’s a quick refresher: McDermott cheated on Mary Jo Eustace, the mother of his son Jack, with Tori Spelling, who was also married at the time. McDermott and Spelling both left their spouses, married each other, and went on to have four kids together. All seemed to be idyllic… until last December, when McDermott had a two-day fling with a woman named Emily Goodhand. Since then, he and Spelling have been working to repair their relationship, with the “True Tori” cameras capturing the journey, for better or worse.

As Gossip Cop reported, those cameras went along as Spelling met with Eustace for the first time in eight years. During their meeting, the actress apologized for how things went down all those years ago, but said simply, she fell in love with McDermott. For her part, Eustace said she didn’t really blame Spelling, but stressed that she was blindsided by McDermott’s affair, insisting they had a happy marriage, and even gave Spelling an old love note to prove it.

Now, in the new clip, Spelling returns from their meeting to find flowers and a love note from McDermott waiting for her. The “irony” is not lost on her, and when she tells McDermott that Eustace had just showed her one of theirs and claimed that they were blissfully wed, he loses it.

“It’s a lie,” McDermott says simply of Eustace’s version of events before his anger rises about having her on their docuseries. “The more she comes across this wonderful, loving person, people are watching going, ‘Yeah, what the f*ck is Dean’s problem? She seems great.'” He goes on, “I knew exactly what was going to happen when you met with her: build herself up, knock me down, make things that I’ve done or I didn’t do questionable, to plant that seed in your head.”

McDermott says defensively, “I gave her a great life. I tried so hard.” When Spelling says Eustace said it was just “drama,” he erupts. “That’s what she thinks — she’s f*cking crazy. She’s f*cking delusional. Now I’m starting to get really mad. You know what, I don’t want her on the f*cking show again. This is done with her. She’s not going to tell the truth, and make me out to look like a f*cking ass.”

Spelling, however, points out that Eustace’s long-ago warnings of what McDermott was really like all ended up proving true. “My f*cking head is in spinning,” the “Chopped Canada” host says in reply. “This is done with her. I don’t want her on the show. Very good, very manipulative — she’s very good. That’s all I can say.”

McDermott then looks directly into the camera and flips off the viewers at home. “Whatever people think of me, [raises middle fingers],” he says — see photo above. Of course, as Gossip Cop previously reported, McDermott recently went off on his social media haters in an explicit rant, and said earlier this week that he plans to quit “True Tori.” Lifetime tells us that McDermott will be appearing in all five remaining new episodes, fulfilling his commitment for season two.

Check out the videos below. Who do you think is telling the truth?

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