Dean McDermott Confronts Tori Spelling: You’re Using True Tori To Make Me Look Bad! (VIDEO)

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Dean McDermott Tori Spelling True Tori Video

By Shari Weiss


Dean McDermott Tori Spelling True Tori Video


Dean McDermott confronts Tori Spelling in the latest clip from “True Tori.” The tense moment comes after he overhears her complaining about his parenting style to her “gay husband” and best friend Mehran Farhat. The video is below.

Spelling was explaining that McDermott admitted in therapy that their four kids are not the first things he thinks about, and when he interrupts, she tells him, “It’s not your instinct to do for the kids as much as me. There’s a huge difference between thinking about your kids and loving your kids and remembering and being responsible. I’d just would love to get to the place where you actively think of things without me.”

McDermott rejected her characterization of him, shooting back, “I don’t walk around like a f*cking zombie! That’s what it sounds like!” Voices rose as Farhat sat awkwardly in another room with the couple’s daughter Stella. McDermott went on, “It’s all we’ve been talking about lately — me all bad… This whole f*cking show and this season is just like me bad, me bad, all about me bad.”

Spelling swore that was not her intention. “That’s not my goal here,” she said. “You’re my husband. I want to continue this relationship after the show is over.” But McDermott replied, “That’s where there’s a fine line, with the show. I don’t know if it’s worth it.” As Gossip Cop previously reported, McDermott recently told “Access Hollywood” that he intends to quit the project. Lifetime has since assured us that he will still appear in all the remaining episodes of season 2. Check out the preview below, and tell us what you think.

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