Dax Shepard Explains Call For Celeb Mag Boycott in Essay: “Why Our Children Should Be Off Limits to the Paparazzi”

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By Shari Weiss

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In an essay for Huffington Post, Dax Shepard reveals why he believes “our children should be off limits to the paparazzi.”

As Gossip Cop reported earlier this week, Shepard and wife Kristen Bell used Twitter to call for a boycott of magazines that profit off of paparazzi photos of celebrity kids.

Expanding on his tweets with personal context, Shepard recalls a “popular tabloid” uncovering news of daughter Lincoln’s birth last year before he and Bell had gotten to tell their extended family, and reveals that “since bringing her home ten months ago, there has been a car or two parked across the street from our house, waiting at all times for us to leave.”

The actor expresses gratitude for Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry’s efforts to pass legislation that limits photo-taking of children, but fears that such bills only address half the problem.

“As long as people pay good money to buy magazines featuring famous people’s children, there will be men popping out of bushes and lurking around playgrounds to get those pics. Those are just the facts,” he writes.

The “Parenthood” star notes, “The consumer is the only one who can put an end to this. They are the only ones with real power,” and adds, “We recognize that the odds of this happening are exceedingly low. We are not naive. We have hope, though.”

“We think that people who like looking at children in magazines must actually like children. We are betting on the chance that they like them enough to protect them from constantly being shadowed by strange men (not trying to be sexist — I’m sure there are plenty of strange women in the ‘razzi game). We pray that one of the classier weeklies, like People, will enact a no-kids policy, and that they will be rewarded by the consumer for doing so. And we hope that leads to others following suit,” says Shepard.

He continues, “It would be miraculous if the situation changed and celebrities’ children got to be just children. And it would be even more miraculous if that change came from the will of the people and not legislation. I think this could be a good step in our ever evolving social consciousness. It could fold nicely into the same wave of change that wants to see gay people happily married, orcas freed, and pot smokers decriminalized. It would be a slightly better version of ourselves and our culture, and we are mildly optimistic.

Shepard goes on to rebut some of the “hateful responses” he and Bell have received to their proposal.

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