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David Copperfield Can’t Make King of Pop Items Disappear

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By Daniel Gates



David Copperfield once made the Statue of Liberty disappear, but the master illusionist can’t do anything to make a series of bogus reports go poof.

On April 1 – April Fool’s Day no less – a story in The Sun announced that Copperfield would work with Michael Jackson on magic to be incorporated into the King of Pop’s London shows. A month later, another article in the same paper delivered the news that Jackson had decided NOT to use Copperfield because he was reportedly too expensive.

It turns out that Copperfield, a long-time friend of the performer, actually hadn’t spoken to Jackson for more than two years before his passing. Nor had anyone from Jackson’s camp ever discussed with Copperfield the idea of collaborating. So these stories, picked up everywhere, were just like Copperfield’s levitating – pure illusion.

And even though Jackson is gone, these fabrications are alive and well on Wikipedia and elsewhere. Copperfield told Gossip Cop, “It’s amazing to me how stories that are totally false and have no basis in fact are reported and printed as truth, and then take on a life of their own.”

Gossip Cop hopes that these fake stories will finally disappear.


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