British Prime Minister David Cameron: I’m Related to Kardashians! (VIDEO)

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David Cameron Kardashians

By Daniel Gates


David Cameron Kardashians

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British Prime Minister David Cameron is related to the Kardashians. This, apparently, is not an early April Fools’ Day gag. They’re distant cousins. The politician revealed the stunning news during a wide-ranging (to say the least) interview with Heat. Watch the video below.

Cameron was asked if, like President Obama with Homeland, he has any TV addictions. (He doesn’t really.) When the interviewer followed up by wondering, “Don’t watch ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’?” Cameron replied, “No, but I’m related to them! 13th cousins!” He said he has no plans for a reunion.

According to reports, a 16th-century ancestor named Sir William Spencer is common to both the Prime Minister and the Armenian-American reality TV dynasty. It remains to be seen whether the Cameron-Kardashian familial bond will raise or lower the politician’s approval rating.

If Cameron wants a crash course in learning about his cousins, he could check out Gossip Cop. This past week, Kris Jenner had an epidural to relieve chronic neck pain, everyone suspected Scott Disick of “shady” dealings, and the whole family debated who should be put in charge of life-and-death decisions should Jenner be incapacitated. You’re welcome, Prime Minister! Watch the video of Cameron’s revelation below.

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