David Beckham: I’m An “Uber Driver” For My Kids (VIDEO)

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David Beckham Jimmy Kimmel

By Daniel Gates


David Beckham Jimmy Kimmel


What’s retirement like for David Beckham? “I’ve become a taxi driver overnight with the kids,” he explained on Wednesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Watch the video below!

The soccer legend is filling his days by shuttling his children from place to place. “I’m literally an Uber driver now… I have four drop-offs at four different schools,” said Beckham. Plus, there are trips to soccer practice (of course) and other activities for the kids.

“It sounds like a nightmare,” joked Kimmel. Beckham seems content. “It’s nice to actually be at home and spend some time with them,” he said, referring to the two decades he spent traveling the globe for his athletic career.

Of course, even David Beckham’s kids have typical father-related embarrassment issues. His oldest son, Brooklyn, makes him “park around the corner” from his school. His little daughter Harper recently called him “chubby.” A humbled Beckham told Kimmel, “[My wife] Victoria did have to remind them the other day that actually [they’ve] got quite a cool dad… but it didn’t seem to make any difference.”

Beckham also discussed his love of America, and whether he could ever be a kicker for an NFL team. Watch the videos below, and tell us what you think!

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