Daniele Watts Explosive Audio: Listen To Rant Accusing Cops Of Racism After Report Of Public Sex

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Daniele Watts Rant Audio

By Daniel Gates


Daniele Watts Rant Audio


Explosive new audio provides a fuller picture of the situation involving Daniele Watts, the black Django Unchained actress who claims cops in Los Angeles harassed her for making out in a car with her white boyfriend.

According to Watts, police “accosted” and handcuffed her outside CBS Studios last Thursday afternoon for showing affection with Brian James Lucas, accusing her of being a prostitute.

TMZ has now released audio, however, in which the police are heard telling Watts that witnesses had spotted her and Lucas performing “lewd acts,” giving them the legal right to ask for identification, which the actress refuses to provide.

Watts accuses the police officer of detaining her because she’s black, and is then heard crying on the phone to her father, furious that she’s being treated like a “criminal” for doing nothing wrong.

The actress becomes increasingly hysterical after she’s handcuffed, repeatedly accusing the cops of acting without reason.

Watts refers more than once to her publicist, demanding the police officer’s name, accusing him of being a racist, and lamenting what’s happened to the country that used to be “the home of the free.”

HOWEVER — according to TMZ, the police were only called to the scene after witnesses allegedly spotted Watts and Lucas having sex with their car door open in broad daylight.

That has not been confirmed.

It’s worth listening to the entire Watts-cops audio below — although it’s explicit.

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