Daniel Baldwin: Wife Threatened To Kill Me In Front Of Children


By Daniel Gates


Daniel Baldwin‘s wife Joanne threatened to kill him in front of their children, according to court documents. The actor just filed for divorce, and in his declaration Baldwin describes his wife as an often violent drunk who has physically abused him and traumatized their two kids.

Baldwin refers to an incident last January in which Joanne is said to have watched a documentary about women who killed their husbands and then allegedly announced, “Now I know how to do it, I understand why they did it. You have been warned. Move out of this house or I am going to kill you.”

Their daughter heard the threat and allegedly asked Baldwin, “Is Mommy going to kill us?” According to Baldwin, the threat was part of a larger pattern of abusive behavior from his wife, whom he calls is “violent and dangerous” when she drinks.

He describes being kicked and punched over the course of months, and frequently threatened with worse. “She has [repeatedly] threatened to use a knife to end my life,” writes Baldwin in his statement. “My wife has claimed over 10 times in the last 2 months that she will stab me, slash me or slit my throat in my sleep. I am truly fearful for my life.”

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