Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan $20 Million Paydays For Fifty Shades Sequel Invented By Tabloid

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Dakota Johnson Salary Fifty Shades Sequel

By Daniel Gates

Dakota Johnson Salary Fifty Shades Sequel

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Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are not angling for $20 million paydays for the sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey, despite an OK! report that bears no resemblance whatsoever to reality. Gossip Cop can bust the tabloid story.

According to the magazine, the big worldwide box office success of the BDSM extravaganza has led the franchise’s leads to renegotiate their contracts “to the point where they could each take home $40 million for the next movie.” A so-called “source” for OK! explains, “The word is that they’re asking for at least $20 million each, plus a percentage of the back end, which could be substantial if the next film is as big as the first.”

In other words, the “$40 million” figure is taken from thin air. OK! never explains the specifics of the “back end” deal that would give both Dornan and Johnson an additional $20 million after their purported $20 million salaries… and those salaries aren’t happening in the first place.

On Wednesday, multiple reports from reliable trade publications indicated that Dornan and Johnson may pursue seven-figure pay raises for the next Fifty Shades movie. They’re NOT getting eight-figure pay raises, let alone $40 million deals. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the OK! report is “way off the mark.”

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