Dakota Fanning NOT “Dissing” Kristen Stewart; Robert Pattinson Controversy Made Up By HollywoodLife

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Kristen Stewart Dakota Fanning Fight

By Daniel Gates

Kristen Stewart Dakota Fanning Fight

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HollywoodLife is at it again. The webloid, which at this point is largely fan fiction falsely advertised as “news,” wants to know whether Dakota Fanning was “dissing” her friend Kristen Stewart by allegedly attending an FKA Twigs concert with Robert Pattinson over the weekend. The blog will use virtually any excuse to set up feuds and fights between celebrities, especially if they’re friends. That’s because HollywoodLife loves to get cheap clicks and can do so by pitting fan bases against each other.

In any case, HollywoodLife is now pushing the idea that Fanning supposedly “chose Robert Pattinson over Kristen Stewart — or she’s doing some serious spying for her!” Why? Because Fanning supposedly saw the actor’s girlfriend Twigs in concert. “Is this a diss to Kristen?” HollywoodLife asks, hoping to start trouble.

The site asks its readers, “Do you think that it’s uncool of Dakota to be hanging out with Robert so much? Or do you think that she’s spying for Kristen?” How about… neither? Fanning is not “spying” for Stewart. She is not “dissing” Stewart. The fact that HollywoodLife thinks these scenarios are equally likely is itself pretty strong evidence that neither is true.

Stewart and Pattinson used to date. Now they don’t date. Life moves on. Stewart and Pattinson certainly have. HollywoodLife has not. HollywoodLife, paranoid and desperate, sees every single action and quote, however small, as a possible controversy. The last major feud or fight broken by HollywoodLife was… well, HollywoodLife has NEVER broken a major story. Not one.

Just weeks ago, Fanning and Stewart hung out together in New York. Here are pictures. They are not at war. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop, “There’s no truth to any story suggesting otherwise. Period.”

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