Craig Ferguson Last Late Late Show VIDEO [UPDATED]

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Craig Ferguson Last Show

By Daniel Gates

Craig Ferguson Last Show


Craig Ferguson closes out his 10-year run on “The Late Late Show” on Friday. His star-studded finale was actually taped on Thursday, so Gossip Cop has the details (and spoilers) below. See video below! Gossip Cop will keep updating!

The broadcast opened with a music video and live performance of “Bang Your Drum,” featuring Ferguson singing the song along with celebrities like Kevin Bacon, Steve Carell, Kat Dennings, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jon Hamm, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew McConaughey, William Shatner and Samuel L. Jackson.

Ferguson then told the audience, “What I hope we’ve done is maybe try… ‘art’ is a very grand word, but what I think I was trying to do here, and think we managed to do here, is make something that wasn’t here before. In that sense, maybe it is a piece of art. And you will be able to find it forever on YouTube. What I meant to say was CBS’s web site.” He then joked, “Really, this show belongs to you. And I hope you keep it – because I’m done with it.”

Jay Leno was the show’s only official “guest,” and the outgoing host and the former “Tonight Show” host joked about their departures. Toward the end of the interview, Leno expressed appreciation for Ferguson’s avoidance of the late-night feuds in other hosts have engaged.

The show ended with Bob Newhart being revealed as the person who’s been wearing a horse costume for years as part of Ferguson’s show. But it’s all a dream sequence, and Ferguson is seen waking up in bed, echoing the famous final episode of “Newhart.” Except the person in bed with Ferguson is… none other than Drew Carey, and Ferguson is playing his Mr. Wick character from “The Drew Carey Show,” and believes his talk show career was a dream. And there’s a reference to the snow globe ending of the show “St. Elsewhere.” AND there’s a “Don’t Stop Believing” reference to the ending of “The Sopranos.” It’s all very meta. Gossip Cop has the videos below. Are you sad to see Ferguson go? Note: Video no longer available.

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