Courtney Love Praises “Hillbilly Punk” Miley Cyrus, Slams Katy Perry As “Boring”

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By Shari Weiss

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Courtney Love has reportedly weighed in on the current crop of top music stars, revealing a strong distaste for Katy Perry along with tepid approval of Miley Cyrus.

Speaking at a Fashion Week book event on Monday, Love reflected on last month’s MTV VMAs, where Cyrus controversially performed with Robin Thicke, and Perry closed the show under the Brooklyn Bridge.

“I’m gonna be honest, Katy Perry bores the [bleep] out of me. She’s a nice girl; she just really bores me,” the Hole rocker reportedly said.

Love allegedly went on, “You know, that hillbilly Miley Cyrus is sort of punk in a weird sex way.”

Cyrus “was at least kind of punk rock, you know? It was openly sexual… like dark and hillbilly and [bleeped] up,” the singer is quoted as saying.

And what about Thicke?

“Can someone inform me who Alan Thicke’s son is? Like what? Wasn’t [he on] ‘Charles in Charge’?” asked Love, according to the New York Post. “That’s like Jared Leto trying to convince me he’s a rock star.”


What do you think of Love’s reported comments?

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