Courtland Rogers: Jenelle Evans And I Are NOT Getting Divorced… Yet


By Daniel Gates


Courtland Rogers says he and “Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans are not splitting, and he seems confused about why the couple repeatedly and clearly indicating on Twitter that they’d broken up would have led everyone to believe they had.

As Gossip Cop reported, over the weekend Rogers and Evans got into a vicious, public argument stemming from Rogers being in contact with his baby mama ex, Taylor Lewis. Rogers wrote that he “got broke up with” and later indicated that he’d “lost my soulmate and my wife and my future.” He even wrote to Evans’ ex Gary Head that she “just divorced me.” For her part, Evans declared, “IM SINGLE.”

Outlets rightly reported that it appeared the couple’s marriage was in crisis just 26 days after it began, because both parties were using words like “broke up” and “divorced” and “single.” But now Rogers is setting the record straight. “Jenelle and I are happily married I don’t know why the news said we were officially getting a divorce when clearly we are together lol,” tweeted Rogers on Tuesday.

Yeah, we have no idea where anyone could have gotten that idea. In any case, here’s hoping Evans and Rogers have put aside their issues.

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