Courteney Cox Opens Up About Her Separation from David Arquette

(Harper's Bazaar)

By Daniel Gates

(Harper’s Bazaar)

Courteney Cox opens up about her separation from husband David Arquette in the April issue of Harper’s Bazaar, and it’s evident their relationship is still very much in limbo.

“We loved each other so much, and if anything I feel like we’ve been extremely successful at marriage,” says Cox. “If it doesn’t work out, I will have huge waves of pain about failing in that department. But right now I don’t have that because I don’t know what the future holds and I guess because I have strong feelings for [Arquette].”

She says there was no single reason for the split, at one point explaining, “I think every relationship has a point where you stop and reevaluate. Are you happy? Have you grown together or apart?” It’s also obvious that she doesn’t blame Arquette’s erratic conduct for their problems. “I’m not saying there wasn’t some crazy behavior,” admits Cox, “But if you know who David is, you know what his intentions are, how honest he is, and how big his heart is.”

The couple is chiefly interested in keeping life normal for six-year-old daughter Coco. “She’s our number-one priority,” says Cox. “No matter what happens, she’ll be okay because she knows that she is completely safe, loved, and we’ll protect that more than anything in the world.”

As for dating other men, Cox claims she “has no desire right now.” “I’m not saying never. It just seems weird. I don’t even know how that would happen or how you meet people.”

She also addresses the rumors (first debunked by Gossip Cop) that she and “Cougar Town” costar Brian Van Holt had a “sexy getaway” together. “We were doing a scene out on a dock in Marina del Rey, and there were pictures of the two of us. As if that’s where I’m going to go to have a private moment,” jokes Cox. “How about the camera that was right there and all the cast members to the left that were completely cut out?”

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