Courteney Cox and Ed Sheeran NOT Dating

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By Daniel Gates



Are Courteney Cox and Ed Sheeran getting romantic? That’s what the National Enquirer wants everyone believe, reporting that the “Cougar Town” actress is “putting the moves” on the much younger singer. Calling Cox and Sheeran an “unlikely couple,” the tabloid notes that they met at an industry event earlier this year, where she allegedly gushed about how much she likes his music.

“Now that Courteney is single, she’s not making any bones about putting the moves on Ed,” says a so-called “source” for the Enquirer. “She offered to let him live at her Malibu home, where he’s been writing songs and chilling out.” That part is true — Sheeran has been staying with Cox. He said so last month when he posted an Instagram photo of the duo (see above) and wrote, “My friend Courteney is nominated for a People Choice Award for favourite cable tv actress. She’s never won one before and she lets me live in her beach house, so how’s about we all vote for her and win her the damn thang eh?”

But the Enquirer takes it to the next level. “Courteney is seducing Ed by wining and dining him at the best restaurants in L.A., and she introduces him to friends as ‘my little stud muffin,'” claims the tabloid’s source. According to the magazine, Cox and Sheeran “are keeping the relationship quiet because Ed is concerned his teenybopper fans will be turned off by the May-December romance.” Or maybe there is no relationship to keep quiet. The Enquirer has had trouble getting the facts right with Cox in the past, and the reporting here is sloppy once again. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the story is totally untrue — there’s no Sheeran-Cox romance.

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