CLAIM: Courteney Cox “Dumped” Josh Hopkins After “Ugly Fight”

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By Michael Lewittes


Courteney Cox has dumped her on-again/off-again boyfriend Josh Hopkins after an ugly fight at a Malibu restaurant,” says the National Enquirer. Actually, the “Cougar Town” co-stars were NEVER “on” in the first place.

In any case, a so-called “source” for the supermarket tabloid claims Cox and Hopkins were “having a romantic dinner at Nobu when two sexy girls at the bar started looking at the couple.” Oh, do tell us more.

The mag’s alleged spy, who was apparently sitting on Cox and Hopkins’ laps during the meal, tattles, “One of them, a hot blonde, was clearly interested in Josh, and he kept smiling at her even after Courteney politely told him it was rude to lead the woman on.” A “furious” Cox then supposedly “leaped” out of her chair, called Hopkins “an a**” and “stormed out in a jealous rage,” claims the tab.

“They’re definitely NOT a couple anymore,” concludes the purported “insider.” Yeah… and they never were. Gossip Cop first debunked rumors of a Cox-Hopkins relationship back in 2011. It’s unclear why the Enquirer is suddenly grabbing hold of this inaccurate report again — two years later — but it’s still just not true. A Cox friend calls the mag’s story “ludicrous,” telling us she and Hopkins are nothing more than “good friends.”

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National Enquirer

Courtney Cox dumped Josh Hopkins after an ugly fight.

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