Cory Monteith Death Cheered by Westboro Baptist Church; Sick Group Hopes Lea Michele Will “Kill Herself” and Go To Hell

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By Daniel Gates


Cory Monteith’s death was cheered by the hatemongers at Westboro Baptist Church, who now plan to picket his funeral and expressed hope that the late actor’s girlfriend Lea Michele would “kill herself.”

The sick group has disgustingly protested the funerals of Elizabeth Taylor, U.S. military personnel, and countless others, and is now targeting Monteith, apparently because “Glee” features gay characters. Disclaimer: The WBC tweets feature an offensive homophobic slur, included unedited here.

On Sunday, Westboro’s Twitter account horrifyingly posted, “.@GLEEonFOX’s Cory Monteith found dead in Vancouver hotel room — STRUCK DOWN BY GOD!” The “church” tweeted at Michele and co-star Darren Criss with the hashtags “#FagEnabler” and “#WBCpicket.” “PRAISE GOD for killing Cory Monteith — a wicked fag-enabler before the LORD! Westboro Baptist Church to picket funeral,” declared the group.

WBC then sent a number of “Glee” cast members and fan groups tweets broadcasting their plans to picket the funeral. “Westboro Baptist Church is GLEE-ful over God’s righteous judgment to end @CoryMonteith’s life! Funeral picket soon!” announced the organization. Wow. Not satisfied, WBC then posted a “eulogy” (see below) in which it slammed Monteith for calling “good what God called abomination, to wit: fags!”

Then things somehow got even more appalling. “Will @msleamichele kill herself as well? Then the wedding can go on as planned IN HELL! — invites for all their fans!” tweeted the group. Awful. See the stomach-churning evidence below.



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