Conrad Murray Gets Max of Four Years

Conrad Murray

By Michael Lewittes


Conrad Murray was just sentenced to the maximum of four years of imprisonment. Among those at the sentencing on Tuesday were Michael Jackson‘s mom Katherine, brothers Jermaine and Randy, and sisters Rebbie and La Toya, as well as family friend Kathy Hilton.

Before the sentencing, the Jackson family’s attorney, Brian Panis, read a heartfelt statement on behalf of the singer’s parents, siblings, and children. The prosecution then argued strenuously against sentencing Murray to probation, which the defense had fought for.

“Prison is warranted,” said the prosecution, and asked for the maximum of four years. The prosecution also asked restitution for Jackson’s lost wages and earnings, amounting to $100 million. “We do not disagree with the prosecution that this is a tragedy,” said the defense, but he is “not a danger to the community.” Prior to Jackson’s death, Murray “never committed a crime,” stressed the defense, which went on to say that whatever he does, for the rest of his life he’ll always be “known as the man who killed Michael Jackson.” Still, the defense felt Murray should not serve time, and that he “can do things on probation… for the community.”

The judge began by saying it’s “difficult” to impose a sentence, especially when one has discretion. That said, the judge felt Murray practiced a pattern of “deceit,” which including lying to law enforcement and medical personnel. The judge went on to say he believed Murray taped Jackson’s slurred speech as an “insurance policy” to be used against the singer should the two ever part ways. And he used Murray’s documentary to show there was no remorse either on the doctor’s part. The judge continually slammed Murray, saying, “He remains dangerous” and “I think Dr. Murray is so reckless… that I believe he’s a danger to the community.”

“You can’t have probation when there isn’t an acknowledgement of rehabilitation,” said the judge who denied Murray probation, and sentenced the doctor to the maximum of four years behind bars at the L.A. County Jail. The issue of restitution will be addressed at a later date.

On November 7, after a six weeks-long trial that included testimony from 49 witnesses and hundreds of pieces of evidence, Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson. Do you agree with the sentencing?

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