Commuters Lift Train Off Stuck Passenger: WATCH AMAZING VIDEO!

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Train Video

By Shari Weiss


Train Video


A man who got his foot stuck underneath a train learned the kindness of strangers on Wednesday when his fellow commuters banded together to rescue him.


It all went down at a station in Perth, Australia, where the unidentified would-be passenger got his foot wedged between the platform and the train as he attempted to be board.

It soon became apparent that the only way to get the man’s foot out of the gap would be to lift the train up.

With the help of dozens of bystanders, the train was tilted off the rails enough to eventually free him.

A Transperth spokesman says, “Our staff were within meters of the man when it happened and immediately went to his assistance. After ensuring that the train would remain stationary they organized for passengers to alight and coordinated their efforts to tilt the train carriage away from the platform so that the man could be rescued.”

“The man was freed safely and we handed him over to emergency services,” says the rep. “We understand he was not badly injured because he stayed at the station and boarded a later train to the city.”

The spokesperson adds, “We hear a lot about poor behavior on public transport. It’s really great when something like this happens and people work together to help a fellow commuter.”


The entire incident was captured on surveillance footage — see below.

(Start at 1:10-mark.)

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