Clark Beckham “The Trouble With Love Is” American Idol Video: Watch Singer “Nail” Cover On Kelly Clarkson Night!

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Clark Beckham Kelly Clarkson American Idol Video

By Shari Weiss |

Clark Beckham Kelly Clarkson American Idol Video


Clark Beckham‘s incredible performance of “The Trouble With Love Is” absolutely blew away the competition on Wednesday’s “American Idol” during the show’s first-ever “Kelly Clarkson Night.” Watch below!

Beckham took the stage just after finding out he received enough votes after last week’s “80s Night” to stay make the Top 7 and stay in the competition. All the contestants had to perform Clarkson songs, and after singing “The Trouble With Love Is” for the superstar in rehearsal, Clarkson exclaimed, “I think I’m pregnant!” She may be again after watching Beckham’s live performance.

In fact, Jennifer Lopez could barely contain herself as Beckham’s intensity picked up and gave the contestant an enthusiastic standing ovation. “Goosies from head to toe,” she exclaimed. “It was crazy!” Lopez then let the audience’s screams do the rest of the talking for her.

Keith Urban told Beckham, “Really, really good. Your bar is way up here,” and encouraged him to add some more emotion in future performances. Harry Connick Jr. agreed, and after noting how Clarkson herself just performed before Beckham took the stage, the judge told him, “You took a Kelly Clarkson song and you directly followed Kelly Clarkson and you nailed it.”

Check out Beckham’s performance below! Are you as big a fan as Lopez and Clarkson?


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