Clark Beckham “Superstition” and “Moon River” American Idol Videos — WATCH!

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Clark Beckham Superstition Moon River Idol Video

By Shari Weiss |

Clark Beckham Superstition Moon River Idol Video


Clark Beckham once again won raves from the judges on “American Idol” on Wednesday, during the show’s “American Classics” night. For the first time in the competition, the singer took on two songs, performing “Superstition” and “Moon River.” Watch below!

Beckham had just found out he received enough votes for last week’s performance to make the Top 6 when he took the stage for the first round of the night. Beckham rocked out to Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition,” with Connick extremely impressed by the contestant’s improved guitar playing. In fact, the judge even told him, “That was about as good as you could’ve done that song,” and said he had no critique to give. And Jennifer Lopez told Beckham that, after last week’s advice to show some more edge, he was “starting to feel like a star.”

Beckham mixed things up for the second round, doing “Moon River” on the piano. Lopez said she “loved it,” and even awkwardly said that it felt “smooth and creamy.” “You close your eyes and I felt like I was in a movie or something like that,” the superstar told him. That said, Connick, though he called Beckham “an incredibly talented young man,” definitely preferred the first performance. Keith Urban, meanwhile, said he felt “warm and fuzzy.”

Check out both videos below. TELL US: Which performance do YOU prefer?


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