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Gossip Cop Quiets Claim that Justin Timberlake’s Friends Give Him Silent Treatment

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By Daniel Gates



Either Justin Timberlake has a problem with his friends or a gossip site has a problem admitting it was wrong. has an “exclusive” from a “source close to JT’s posse” claiming the superstar’s friends think he made a big mistake when he supposedly “split” with Jessica Biel. Timberlake allegedly replaced his relationship with Biel for a “rebound romance” with Rihanna. Of course, Gossip Cop shot down those rumors ten days ago.

Back in the site’s alternate reality where he and Biel are no longer together, Timberlake’s pals have been “less than supportive” of his return to bachelorhood. According to the “source,” they have “basically shunned him” and “think if they don’t give in he may come to his senses and get back together with Jessica.” Instead of “being there for him,” the site reports, “Justin’s friends have pulled a disappearing act.”

The only things “disappearing” here are the facts.

Justin Timberlake’s friends are not giving him the cold shoulder over his break-up with Jessica Biel because … they HAVE NOT broken up. A source close to Biel confirms once again to Gossip Cop talk of a parting is “not true.” As Gossip Cop has reported before, and as our source confirms today, the couple “never split up.”


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