Christine O’Donnell Walks Off “Piers Morgan Tonight” [VIDEO]


By Michael Lewittes



Former Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell just walked out of an interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan when he asked her views on gay marriage.

O’Donnell, who was a guest on “Piers Morgan Tonight,” told the host, “You’re borderline being a little bit rude.”

When he pressed further about “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” O’Donnell said she didn’t feel she needed to discuss it. “I’m not running for office. I’m not promoting a legislative agenda,” she explained.

She again said, “You’re being little rude,” to which Morgan replied, “I’m being charming and respectful.”

O’Donnell was on the show to promote her book, “Troublemaker,” but at a certain point, she felt she had had enough of the interview, and took off her mic and left the set.

Morgan later tweeted it was his “first ever walk-out in 25 years of interviews,”adding, “I guess viewers can decide if I was ‘rude’ or not tonight at 9pm ET.”

Who do you think was in the wrong?

Check out the video below.

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