Christina Hendricks: I Was Bullied, Spit On

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Christina Hendricks Bullied

By Daniel Gates

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Christina Hendricks may be the ruling bombshell on “Mad Men,” but things were a lot different for the actress when she moved from small-town Idaho to Virginia in high school.

“We had a locker bay, and every time I went down there to get books out of my locker people would sit on top and spit at me,” she tells The Guardian. “So I had to have my locker moved because I couldn’t go in there… I felt scared in high school.”

She adds, “It was like Lord of the Flies. There was always some kid getting pummelled and people cheering.”

Hendricks felt alienated from the crowd.

The actress recalls being shocked that girls her age were carrying handbags.

“To me, only moms had purses,” she explains. “They were much more sophisticated and they were having sex and wearing makeup – all these things that had not happened for me.”

Hendricks grew up to be a sex symbol, not that she takes much particular pleasure in proving the high school bullies wrong.

She tells the outlet, “You know, I had so much anger about that time, that experience, for so long and I don’t know what dissipated it, but now it’s gone. I feel some sadness about it, about how cruel kids can be to each other, but that’s it.”

“I haven’t gone to any reunions,” says Hendricks. “I’m sure, if I did, they would have no idea I went there. No idea.”

After struggling for years to break through, the actress fell in love with the “Mad Men” script — only to be advised by her agency to avoid it.

“They said, ‘It’s a period piece, it’s never going to go anywhere. We need you to make money and this isn’t going to make money.’ They ended up dropping me,” reveals Hendricks.

Of course, it all worked out, and the show is set to wrap after eight years in 2015.

One thing Hendricks and her husband Geoffrey Arend are not planning to do post-“Mad Men” is have children.

“I mean, they [children] are a lot of work,” she says, explaining that she had a “million conversations” before marrying Arend about their mutual decision not to become parents.

Hendricks is surprised when people are shocked by this.

“Why? I know plenty of people who don’t have children,” says the actress. “And I also get a lot of people who say, ‘Thank you for speaking out, my family doesn’t understand why I don’t want kids.'”

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