Christina Aguilera Splits Pants, Explodes?

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By Daniel Gates


Christina Aguilera “exploded in fury when her fat butt suddenly split her pants during a song-and-dance spot on ‘The Voice’ — and she screamed curses at crew members she’d spotted laughing!” declares the National Enquirer.

According to a “show source” for the tabloid, “Christina felt the back of her pants burst open as an assistant costumer rushed onto the set.”

“She was embarrassed, but made light of it — until she spotted crew members laughing on the sidelines,” continues the Enquirer source.”

That did not sit well with Aguilera, claims the magazine, whose insider says the “enraged” star “shrieked curses at them, snarling that if it wasn’t for her, they wouldn’t have jobs!”

The Enquirer insider goes on to explain that the crew members had actually been laughing about a separate matter — not Aguilera’s alleged pants problem — “but they didn’t dare fight back, knowing she’d have them fired on the spot!”

Regardless, this incident never happened.

“She never split her pants,” a source close to Aguilera tells Gossip Cop, joking, “She doesn’t wear pants.”

Looks like more Enquirer “bullsplit” about “The Voice” star.

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