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WATCH: Did Christina Aguilera Snub Justin Bieber on The Voice?

By Daniel Gates



Did Christina Aguilera diss Justin Bieber on “The Voice”?

That’s the big buzz after Tuesday’s show, where The Biebs previewed “Boyfriend” and talked about his upcoming album Believe.

The Bieber-Aguilera controversy stems from a moment after Bieber and host Carson Daly talked on stage, when the teen heartthrob greeted each of the show’s four coaches.


When he approached Aguilera, Bieber went in for a hug and kiss.

Aguilera, who had extended her hand for a shake, seemed momentarily surprised, and many sites are seizing on the supposed “dirty look” she shot The Biebs as he moved on.

But was this really a “snub,” as it’s being called?

A source close to Aguilera assures Gossip Cop it was nothing of the sort.

“She is a big fan of Justin,” we’re told.

The insider tells Gossip Cop the two stars “chatted before the show,” and that the only awkwardness with the embrace was because Aguilera didn’t expect Bieber to be so “informal” with his greeting.

Check out the video at the 3:25 mark below!

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