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Christina Aguilera Was Never Getting “Fired” from The Voice

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By Daniel Gates


Inadvertent parody site HollywoodLife has done it again, posting contradictory sides of a non-story and pretending it has any clue what’s actually going on.

Just days ago, the webloid claimed Christina Aguilera was likely to quit “The Voice,” allegedly because her “cruel remarks & diva antics have turned everyone against her.”

The story was totally bogus, and Gossip Cop debunked it, reporting that Aguilera will indeed be with the show when it begins pre-shooting its next season in a few weeks.

But rather than admit fault, HollywoodLife now explains that Aguilera is “being rewarded for her demanding and cruel behavior.”

“Christina is a diva, no doubt about it,” alleges a so-called “music industry source” for the site. “But she brings drama to The Voice, which means ratings.”


In other words, HollywoodLife has gone from insisting that Aguilera is such a huge diva she’ll be forced to leave the show to arguing that Aguilera is such a huge diva she can’t leave the show?

Someone should really market HollywoodLife flip-flops for the beach this summer.

If anything thrives on “drama,” it’s the webloid itself, which would rather fabricate tension than report accurately.

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