Christian Swingers: Wife Swapping Is How We Spread God’s Word! (VIDEO)

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Christian Swingers

By Daniel Gates


Christian Swingers


Dean and Cristy Parave are devout Christians who believe swinging is their way of spreading God’s word.


Well, the Florida couple think their lifestyle helps them share the gospel with a whole population of people who’d otherwise never be brought into contact with it.

“Swinging started for me as a lifestyle,” says Dean. “And then it was like, you know what, we can do a lot of good with this.”

The Paraves say that because they mutually agreed to swing, what they’re doing can’t be considered adultery in the eyes of God.

“God has put me here to spread his word and our lifestyle community is a great place to do it,” explains Dean.

Cristy says, “I feel like right now, this is God’s plan.”

Check out the video below, and tell us what you think.


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