Bachelorette Finale: Desiree Hartsock Gets Engaged to Chris Siegfried

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By Shari Weiss


Desiree Hartsock seemed poised for heartbreak on part one of “The Bachelorette” finale, but on Monday’s conclusion, she finally got her fairytale ending. So, which guys ended up proposing to the bridal stylist — and whose proposal did she accept?

Well, things picked up with Hartsock in tears over Brooks seemingly leaving the competition after confessing he wasn’t in love with her. “It broke my heart to have him say those things to me,” cried the bridal stylist.

The waterworks continued as Hartsock met with host Chris Harrison to talk about the unexpected turn of events, confessing, “I just wanna go home, to be honest.” Harrison asked her if Brooks “wasn’t part of the equation,” could she see herself with either of the other two remaining contestants, Chris and Drew?

Interestingly, Hartsock wasn’t sure. But with her “spirit” unbroken, she cautiously resolved to continue the journey, and go on her final dates with the men. But first the brunette had to attend the already-planned rose ceremony, where ordinarily she would’ve sent home one of three men. Now down to just two, Hartsock had to explain to the guys what happened. “[Brooks] actually chose to go home on his own, yesterday, and it was a surprise,” she tearfully told the stunned men, adding, “I don’t want Brooks leaving to affect my relationships with you guys.”

On that bittersweet note, a “hopeful” Hartsock set off on a date with Drew, wanting to see if she “could love him the way [she] loved Brooks.” But she quickly determined “something” wasn’t “right,” and she wasn’t “feeling the way [she] should be.” After Drew toasted to being “madly in love,” Hartsock started crying again, and confessed that while she’d be “so lucky” to have him in her life, she didn’t know if she saw their “futures together,” and if she could be “100 percent” for him when she feels “something missing.”

The digital marketing analyst was clearly hurt and taken aback, and ended up wiping away some tears himself as Harstsock broke up with him. “I guess I have to thank you for being honest,” he told her as she apologized profusely, going on to tell her, “I guess this is goodbye… I hope you find your happiness.”

Hartsock indeed seemed much happier as she started her date with Chris, engaging in some serious PDA right off the bat. They set out on a catamaran, where the mortgage broker vowed not to let her down (like, ahem, Brooks), and the bachelorette was clearly touched. “Today feels like a new day, and Chris brings that out of me,” Hartsock told the camera, praising him for being “expressive,” “romantic, ” and “fun,” and pointing out their “undeniable spark.”

The love fest continued on the night portion of their date, where the two reflected on their journey, and how “easy” it feels together despite how little time they’ve actually had together. And after initially being “apprehensive” about whether to involve her family, Hartsock became convinced that Chris meeting her parents and brother was the right decision, and even began feeling “guilty” for not “loving him from the beginning.”

During the meeting, Chris made the case for why he’s the right guy for Hartsock — and vice versa — and expressed his confidence that they would get engaged. Hartsock’s dad thought they made a great “fit,” and gave Chris his blessing to propose, while she admitted to her brother Nate that “in this moment,” the Seattleite was the one for her. Nate, however, wasn’t so sold, and questioned whether Hartsock had come to terms with Brooks leaving her.

And with the big day now upon them, the reality star admitted to the camera that she didn’t “have a clue” as to what she’d do when Chris proposed, and feared that when he learned “the truth” about her feelings for Brooks, “everything would change.”

Chris began his proposal by recalling some of their special moments, and saying how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, and make decisions “for their future together,” and be “that rock that doesn’t break.” But just as he was about to get down on one knee, Hartsock interrupted to “explain where [her] heart has been this entire journey and where it is today.”

She revealed that she sent Drew home earlier in the week and he didn’t meet her family, and went on to admit to being “torn apart” by Brooks leaving, and being “torn” between him and Chris “throughout the journey.”

“I feel like I was blindsided by my feelings for Brooks, that I couldn’t see the one thing I always needed that was right in front of me,” she cried, going on to say how much she loves him. Chris replied by getting down on one knee, “I want to be your first, and I want to be your last. Will you marry me?” “Yes,” Hartsock said through tears, “A thousand times yes.”

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