Chris Rock Promotes His Own Movie After Sony Hack: “We Almost Don’t Kill Any Koreans!” (VIDEO)

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Chris Rock Koreans

By Daniel Gates


Chris Rock Koreans

(Comedy Central)

Chris Rock talked about the cancellation of The Interview on Thursday’s “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” joking that his own new movie Top Five is “very Korean-friendly” and encouraging moviegoers to see it instead. Watch the video below.

After Stewart mentioned that there is now a “hole” in the movie calendar after Sony decided to shelve the controversial comedy, Rock declared, “I’ll say this: My movie is very Korean-friendly. We almost don’t kill any Koreans. Of all the movies out, we killed the least amount of Koreans.”

He continued, “Come on, the Egyptians are white in ExodusAnnie is black. It’s a weird world right now… [Top Five] is the safest Christmas movie there is. It’s fun for Koreans.”

Stewart then jokingly lamented that when he wrote a movie “sh*tting all over the Iranian regime” (his recent Rosewater), Iran didn’t seem to care. When the host asked if Rock thought The Interview would ever see the light of day, Rock said it was probably available for bootleg purchase on 125th Street in Harlem right now.

The Interview, of course, was controversially canceled by Sony earlier this week following threats made by the “Guardians of Peace” hackers whose infiltration of the company exposed sensitive emails among executives. The hackers warned that there would be violence if theaters showed the Seth Rogen-James Franco comedy. Check out the video below, and tell us what you think.

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