Chris Kyle Brother Jeff Rips Michael Moore: It’s Like PETA Calling You A ‘Murderer’ For All The Cheeseburgers You Eat (VIDEO)

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Jeff Kyle Michael Moore

By Daniel Gates


Jeff Kyle Michael Moore

(Fox News)

Jeff Kyle, brother of American Sniper inspiration Chris Kyle, fired back at Michael Moore on Friday’s “Hannity,” slamming the filmmaker for his controversial tweets in which he called snipers “cowards.” Watch the video below.

After host Sean Hannity read Moore’s comment, Kyle replied, “Just because someone was killed by a sniper, it doesn’t make snipers cowards. Snipers are saviors. Everybody that’s been over there, been in that situation, was damn proud to have a sniper [watching over].”

He added, “For them to say that they’re cowards, that would be like PETA calling Michael Moore a murderer for all the cheeseburgers he’s eating. It’s pretty coward[ly].” Hannity then played a clip showing another cable news pundit implying that Chris Kyle may have been a “racist” who went on “killing sprees” while serving in Iraq.

“It definitely pisses me off,” Jeff Kyle said of the characterization of his brother. “It pisses all of us off… Everybody that knew Chris, they know it’s not true. They can run their mouths. They’re going to be cowards. They’re not going to say it to anybody’s face. They’re going to hide behind a camera [or] do it online… They’re idiots… We know the true story.” Watch the video below, and tell us what you think.

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