WATCH: Chris Evans Scares Scarlett Johansson On ‘Ellen’ (VIDEO)

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Chris Evans Surprises Scarlett Johansson

By James Crugnale


Chris Evans Surprises Scarlett Johansson


Chris Evans scares the heck out of Scarlett Johansson while making a surprise appearance on Thursday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Evans snuck up behind and shocked Johansson during her interview with Ellen DeGeneres. The talk show host then had Johansson and Evans compete against each other in a game to see how much they knew about one another. See the videos below.

DeGeneres questioned Johansson about her Avengers: Age of Ultron co-star. She said, “Chris Evans, of course, Captain America… How many movies have you done with him?” Johansson replied, “I think this is our fifth movie,” adding, “We’ve been working together since, like, I don’t know, 17, I think? Or something like that.”

“So you must know him pretty well,” said DeGeneres, to which the actress replied, “I know him very well, too well, I’m sure.” DeGeneres’ questions, however, were really a ruse to allow Evans to quietly sneak up behind Johansson, who was clueless to what was going on. As DeGeneres continued to ask about Evans, he surprised her and yelled, “Scarlett!”

Later, DeGeneres challenged the two co-stars and friends to a trivia game about each other called, “Avenger, I Hardly Know Her.” It’s pretty funny what they do and don’t know about each other. Watch the videos below of Chris Evans scaring Scarlett Johannson, and the two answering questions about one another, and tell us what you think.

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