Amanda Knox, Chris Cuomo Interview Wrongly Twisted By Site Into “Freak” Show


By Michael Lewittes


In a highly misleading and potentially defamatory headline Gawker blares, “‘You’re a Freak’: Watch Chris Cuomo Sexually Harass Amanda Knox on TV.”

The smear piece goes on to read, “It appeared that Cuomo felt he had been hired by the morality polizia to interrogate Knox about her role as a sexfun badgirl,” and quotes the respected newsman — COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTEXT — saying the accused exchange student was “into some freaky sexual things” and “Were you into… into deviant sex?”

What’s MISSING is that Cuomo acknowledged that he had to ask some “insensitive” questions, and that it was not him speaking, but as he said during the riveting interview, “The real proposition here is prosecutors believe this happened because you were sexual deviant… This is their theory, that you went in there for some kind of freaky sexual activity that went wrong and your roommate wound up dying.”

“That’s their theory,” he reiterates moments later. And Knox herself, who wanted to get her side of the story out while promoting her new book, “Waiting to Be Heard,” confirms all the talk of “deviant sex” was “simply coming out of the prosecution… They created this idea about me because it would legitimize their accusations against me… It literally came from the prosecution.”

Exactly — it “came from the prosecution.” NOT the CNN anchor. Cuomo himself later echoed Knox’s sentiment, stating, “You spent four years of your life in jail because of a perverted prosecutor.” And yet somehow Gawker decided to attack Cuomo, who simply got Knox to tell her side of the story.

Ironically, like Knox’s prosecutors, Gawker tried painting an innocent person (Cuomo) into a deviant. Equally pathetic is that, rather than watching the entire interview in context, a slew of lemming-like sites have gone on to regurgitate Gawker’s misrepresentation.

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