Chris Brown: “I Might Be My Own Worst Enemy”

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Chris Brown Post-Jail Interview

By Shari Weiss

Chris Brown Post-Jail Interview

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Chris Brown admits he may be his “own worst enemy” in a new interview about his sordid past and his hopefully brighter future.

The singer’s long-delayed album X was finally released last week, roughly three months after he got out of jail for a probation violation.

Brown suggests his pattern of repeatedly getting into trouble may be a form of self-sabotage.

“Sometimes you’ve got to touch the stove to see that it’s hot. And I’m one of those guys that does that all of the time,” he tells the Associated Press.

He continues, “Sometimes I might be my own worst enemy. I’m not always going to make the right decision.”

Brown acknowledges he’s “always reneged on a lot of my situations,” but says his time behind bars was the biggest wake-up call yet.

“For me, now I have a better sense of what’s important — being that I was incarcerated, being that I’ve had the bad stuff happen to me,” he says, noting, “You can’t continuously mess up.”

Brown goes on to explain, “You’re not going to get that many chances. I’m not saying by my peers, but I’m just saying by God in general. For me and my spirit, I just want to be able to have some peace, be able to chill and do what I love — because I was blessed with this opportunity and this talent, so I don’t want to waste it.”

And no doubt, a lot of time — and opportunities — have been wasted over the last 5 years, a consequence of being “mentally aggressive, and being totally like unapproachable with situations because,” he says, “I didn’t feel comfortable with myself living my life, as far as whatever mistakes I made, because I was constantly being judged.”

As Gossip Cop reported, Suge Knight was shot at Brown’s unofficial pre-MTV Video Music Awards party last month, prompting the outlet to wonder if trouble follows him.

The performer replies, “It’s 50-50. You could say that trouble follows me. And you could also say I create my own trouble… [But] I’m not in control of going to a club and it getting shot up.”

Brown’s indirect involvement, however, ended up being further fodder for a scandal-hungry public, which he suggests is one of the downsides of fame that is also currently plaguing his pal Justin Bieber as he lives his formative years under a spotlight that often seems more like a magnifying glass.

“Growing up in the public eye, being younger with all of the success — girls, money, everything — it can get to your head real fast,” says the star, confessing, “I was arrogant, cocky, thought I was invincible at one point.”

Brown points out, “We don’t get the benefit of growing up behind the camera. We don’t get the benefit of making our mistakes and nobody hears about it.”

And his arguably biggest mistake — beating up Rihanna in 2009 — continues to get him linked to stories that, essentially, have nothing to do with him, such as the Ray Rice domestic violence case.

“There could be a million other celebrities who were in the same situation, but because of the high-profile case and whatever it is, they’re going to always automatically associate myself with it,” says Brown.

He adds, “When the media associates me, it’s to do a bigger message. It’s to show the world and raise awareness for it and definitely show that it’s not OK.”

“I’m an entertainer. And I influence a lot of people, young and older,” Brown further says. “Before, I was out of hand. So I think now it’s time to grow up.”

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