Did Chris Brown REALLY Say He and Rihanna Split Up in Radio Interview?

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(Perez Hilton)

By Michael Lewittes


(Perez Hilton)

Chris Brown & Rihanna Are OVER?!” Reads Breezy’s Own Sad Words HERE!” screams a headline from Perez Hilton. The blogger reports that Brown “made several intriguing comments on Power 106’s morning show on Friday, but what he revealed about Rihanna made our jaw drop all the way down to the floor.”

Perez says, “The R&B singer was reportedly asked, point blank, whether or not he and Ri were still an item,” and claims Brown replied, “Uh no — that’s the short answer.” He then cites a “sad message” Rihanna tweeted on Friday as evidence of the breakup. The tweet reads, “Its the heart of a #Pisces that makes us soft mannered BUT is that same heart of a #Pisces that will make us get in your a** if needed.”

Wow. This is “reporting” at its most careless. Perez, like a number of other blogs, saw a recent tweet from Power 106 that read, “Are you still w/ @Rihanna?” @ChrisBrown: “Uh,no-that’s the short answer,” and fashioned a split story completely around this post.

But Gossip Cop watched Brown’s FULL INTERVIEW with Power 106, in which the singer talked affectionately about Rihanna, noting that he was collaborating with her on her new album and would soon visit her on her “Diamonds” tour.

The clip being quoted on Power 106’s Twitter feed is from an OLD interview Brown did with the radio show, which the station re-played during the current sit-down in order to bust Brown for having lied to them about his relationship with Rihanna in the past.

It’s not clear if Power 106 was deliberately messing with its Twitter followers to get them to click on its story, or if the station’s social media person simply made a mistake. What is clear is that Perez and others are definitely mistaken.


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