CLAIM: Chris Brown and Rihanna Went on “Secret” Date and “Hooked Up”

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By Michael Lewittes


Chris Brown & Rihanna’s Secret New LA Date Revealed,” screams the headline of yet another manufactured, completely fabricated and wholly inaccurate story from the fiction writers at HollywoodLife.

According to the highly unreliable webloid, “The two former lovers were on a secret dinner date on Friday July 13” and “secretly hooked up.” The site’s made-up “source” is quoted as saying, “They spent like 30 or 45 minutes together and just talked just the two of them. Wasn’t nobody around when they talked they just wanted some privacy. It was real chill and they didn’t want anybody following them or s**t like that. I know Chris changed cars and we rode out to f**ing Burbank.” Stop. How convenient there “wasn’t nobody around.”

HollywoodLife then has its make-believe “source” say, “It wasn’t in a club or anything like that it was a chill little place that’s way low-key and I can’t say the name because only a handful of people know and I ain’t trying to go out like that. A few of us hung outside this small a** place just in case one of them birds try to fly by. They didn’t want to take no chances.” Stop. How convenient that they “can’t say the name” of where Rihanna and Brown allegedly met up.

Gossip Cop is torn between what’s more offensive — the fact that HollywoodLife makes up stories week after week or that the webloid is now employing racial stereotypes in their fake quotes. Both of which disgust us. Regardless, HollywoodLife has reported a LIE once again. The two did NOT go on a “secret” date. A rep for Brown exclusively tells Gossip Cop that the story is “not true.”

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