CLAIM: Chris Brown Hurled Gay Slurs and Broke Bottle at Las Vegas Club

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By Michael Lewittes


Chris Brown Throws Another Homophobic, Hate-Filled Temper Tantrum in Las Vegas!” exclaims a headline from Perez Hilton, who lifted his story from RadarOnline. According to the Perez story via RadarOnline, Brown “dropped a particularly not-so-pleasant, extremely offensive gay slur at the bouncers – and apparently, all for no reason!”

Quoting RadarOnline’s so-called “source,” Perez writes, “Chris Brown went crazy again in Vegas last night. He called the manager and the bouncers f**gots and broke a bottle in his fit of anger! He just went off on them. He called them d**ks and told one dude to suck his d**k!”

Perez then reprints some tweets from Brown in which he said, “To everybody: never go to club XS in Vegas! They are d**ks.” But did all of that really happen? NO. There was NO broken bottle. NO homophobic slurs.

The real reason Brown later tweeted that “they are d**ks” at XS, says an insider, was that the bouncers “tried to prevent Chris’ security from entering the club” because of dress code issues. A rep for Brown also confirms the tale is “not true.” Actually, this was among the handful of stories today that RadarOnline posted and later pulled down because their reporting was so WRONG.

You’ll recall, just last month RadarOnline claimed Brown made anti-gay slurs during a basketball game, but that story was also fictitious. As Gossip Cop reported, on the day RadarOnline said Brown made the alleged homophobic remarks on the basketball court, the rapper was actually working elsewhere on a music video.

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