VIDEO: Cops Search Chris Brown’s Car For Gun, Find Nothing

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Chris Brown Gun

By Daniel Gates


Chris Brown Gun

(Getty Images)

Cops searched Chris Brown’s Lamborghini for a gun as the performer partied inside the Hollywood club Sayer. Police responded to an anonymous tip claiming Brown’s friend, a passenger in the car, had a firearm. Officers detained the friend and searched Brown’s vehicle, but found nothing.

Brown’s long and tangled legal history means authorities are more likely to check out such tips, especially after a couple of high-profile incidents of violence connected to Brown’s public appearances, even if he wasn’t directly responsible. Last month, five people were shot while Brown performed a show in San Jose, California.

Brown, who was at Sayer for a pre-Grammys party, tweeted on Friday that he’s “finished all [his] community service” connected to the Rihanna probation case. He’s looking forward to his upcoming “Between the Sheets” Tour, which he’d postponed in order to complete his community service.

“The beginning of the BTS tour has been moved to later dates now. The judge would not sign off on my travel to do the tour until I finish these last 100 hours of community service. I promise that I am busting my a** doing it everyday until it’s complete,” Brown wrote on Instagram last month. He’s now apparently ready to go. Watch the video of cops looking for a gun in Brown’s Lamborghini below.

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