Chris Brown FAKED Community Service, Claims D.A.; Probation Violation Possible


Chris Brown is accused of faking his community service records and violating his probation, according to documents filed by the Los Angeles County District Attorney, Gossip Cop has learned. Prosecutors allege that Brown did not perform all of the community service he claims to have completed in Virginia in connection to his infamous Rihanna assault case.

In the filed motion, the D.A. says there are “significant discrepancies indicating at best sloppy documentation and at worst fraudulent reporting” of Brown’s supposed community service. The shocking turn of events revolves around a letter sent by Richmond police chief Bryan T. Norwood last September, claiming Brown had completed 202 days of service — more than the 180 required by law.

Brown purportedly worked at Tappahannock Children’s Center, doing odd jobs, and also is said to have helped the city with “trash removal… public park clean up, washing City owned vehicles” and other tasks. But new legal documents say the Richmond police department only supervised Brown’s service on a handful of occasions, and a D.A. investigation found no “credible, competent or verifiable evidence” that Brown had actually done 180 days of service, let alone 202.

Brown’s mother used to run the children’s center where Brown purportedly helped clean during off-hours — but the D.A. has collected testimony from people who say he did not do so. Additionally, the filing gives examples in which it had been recorded that Brown completed supposed 8-hour workdays — but on several of those occasions, the globe-trotting star was not even in Virginia.

The D.A. is demanding that Brown’s community service be rejected and that he fulfill his obligation in Los Angeles County. Brown’s lawyer, however, is slamming the report, calling it “shameful and a disgrace.” Says attorney Mark Geragos, “In essence, it calls everyone a liar in the Richmond Police Department and the Virginia Probation Department.”

Geragos goes on to note that “sworn peace officers stated unequivocally that Mr. Brown was supervised and did all of the community service,” and further adds that he plans “on asking for sanctions from the DA’s office for filing in frivolous, scurrilous and frankly defamatory motion.” Brown is expected to be in court on Wednesday for a probation hearing.

Gossip Cop will have updates.

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