Chris Brown Did NOT Make Anti-Gay Slurs During Basketball Game

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By Michael Lewittes



Chris Brown Unleashes Anti-Gay Rant At A Pick-up Hoops Game,” reads the headline of a story on RadarOnline via its sister company Star magazine. According to the Star/RadarOnline report, “Brown shouted anti-gay slurs during a recent pickup basketball game, stunning and repulsing onlookers.”

The outlets state that “on June 29, the R&B singer turned up at a 24 Hour Fitness center in Los Angeles and joined a casual pickup game. But things quickly turned ugly.” A so-called “eyewitness” says, “He got really ticked off when things didn’t go his way during the game, saying, ‘That’s gay!’ and ‘You’re a f*gg*t a**!’ to the other players.”

Accompanied by photos of Brown playing hoops, the RadarOnline/Star story says “when another player didn’t pass him the ball,” Brown then “fired off more slurs, calling him a ‘f*gg*t’ and saying it was a ‘gay’ move.” While there’s no denying some of Brown’s previous behavior has been completely objectionable, be it his attack on Rihanna or his explosive response to a “Good Morning America” interview, in this particular case, Brown did not use any gay slurs on the basketball court.

For one, the “Exclusive” pictures that RadarOnline uses to illustrate its point about the rapper playing hoops are actually photos that were taken in New York, long before this alleged incident. More importantly, Gossip Cop has learned that Brown was in a studio in Hollywood on June 29, working on the video for the song, “Body to Body,” and did not play basketball that day.

Brown referred to the Star/RadarOnline report, by writing on Twitter, “Believing everything the media says only makes us stupid as a society.” Gossip Cop reached out to the editor of both RadarOnline and Star to see if they stand by their story, but has yet to receive a response. We’re told Brown’s camp is considering legal action.

Again, there’s no place in society for homophobic remarks, but before slam dunking Brown, there’s no evidence this time he committed a foul.

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Brown’s rep has now released the following: “A totally fictitious article ran in the current Star Magazine (issue date July 25, 2011) accusing our client Chris Brown of doing something that he did not do. The article claimed that on June 29, 2011, Chris participated in a pick up basketball game at 24 Hour Fitness Center in LA and said some very inappropriate statements. The incident described did not occur, nor did the Star ever contact Chris’ representatives to request comment or confirmation. Chris was filming a video with AceHood on June 29 and never left the set. He spent the entire day with dozens of members of the production team filming the video for “Body To Body” at 1870 Sunset Plaza in West Hollywood. The Star accompanied the fabricated story with a photo of Chris playing basketball in New York that was taken on the day of his F.A.M.E. CD release in March. Chris Brown’s management is considering taking appropriate legal action against the paper. Unfortunately this bogus account is being picked up by additional media outlets. We stand behind our client and want to set the record straight that this did not happen.”

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