Cher Is Getting “Hot & Heavy With Bruce Jenner,” Claims Mag

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By Michael Lewittes

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Cher “wants to ‘Turn Back Time’ and rekindle an old romance with Bruce Jenner,” claims the National Enquirer.

According to the tabloid, the two “first hooked up in the mid-’80s” and now the singer is “so enamored with the former Olympian she is urging him to ditch his reported plans for sex-change surgery.”

“Cher is just the kind of woman Bruce needs right now,” a so-called “insider” tells the tab. “She understands the stress and confusion brought on by a sex change.”

“Who knows better about the emotional roller coaster of gender reassignment than Cher?” says the alleged source.

The magazine’s “insider” goes on to say that Cher will “accept Bruce for who he is, man or woman,” although “she is encouraging him not have the sex change.”

“She wants him to remain a man because she’s always been primarily attracted to men,” adds the supposed source. “But she’s convinced that if Bruce does become a woman, it won’t get in the way of their happy future together.”

Uh, huh.

This “exclusive” National Enquirer story is not only false, but it’s also old.

The rumors about Jenner’s alleged sex change have been circulating since the ’70s — and he is still a man.

Cher’s rep exclusively told Gossip Cop a week ago that “Cher doesn’t even know Bruce Jenner.”

And the singer later herself tweeted, “I THINK I Saw Bruce Jenner at @Dancingwithtbestars & THINK I Met Him Once or Twice in my Life, But Cant Remember? GOT IT NOW.”

We couldn’t say it better.

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