Stupidest Blog Question of the Week: Does Chaz Bono Copy Shiloh Jolie-Pitt?


By Daniel Gates



HollywoodLife does a lot of dopey stuff. A lot of dopey stuff. So when HollywoodLife does something so dopey that it makes seen-it-all-before Gossip Cop do a double-take… well, we need to share it with our beloved visitors.

Here’s that site’s latest poll question: “Is Chaz Bono Copying Shiloh Jolie-Pitt‘s Style?” Let that sit for a few seconds.

Is Chaz Bono, a 42-year-old activist and author, consciously mimicking the fashion “choices” of a four-year-old? HollywoodLife claims they’re “Total Fashion Look-Alikes!” Let’s go to the site’s “evidence.”


As you can see, both Chaz and Shiloh wear bathing suits, a highly unusual choice at swimming pools. Therefore, Chaz must be copying Shiloh.


Chaz wears ties. Shiloh wore a tie. Even though the ties look nothing alike, the choice still makes it clear: Chaz obviously copies Shiloh.


Chaz was once photographed wearing fatigue-style shorts. Shiloh had similarly designed pants. Like two peas in a pod!

We’re going to give HollywoodLife the benefit of the doubt and assume this poll was (at least partly) done tongue-in-cheek. But since the site has a habit of linking celebrities irrespective of common sense, and drawing connections between stories and people even if there is no connection to be made, Gossip Cop will also assume HollywoodLife has outdone its ridiculousness by comparing Chaz’s fashion choices to a kid.

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