Chaz Bono Blasts Tabloid’s Outrageous Claim That He’ll Soon Die

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By Daniel Gates


Chaz Bono has “four years to live,” claims the National Enquirer. Yes, having already shamefully misdiagnosed Cher, the tabloid just sentenced her son to death.

The Enquirer cites a “noted longevity expert” who believes Bono “will be dead by the end of 2015 if he continues on his current life arc.” Dr. Patrick Wanis – the same man who’s predicted imminent deaths for Kirstie Alley, Dr. Phil and Whitney Houston – now shares his “expertise” on Bono, claiming the former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant’s gender reassignment surgery “could eventually take a heavy toll.”

The Enquirer‘s doctor speculates about the effect of hormone treatments on the heart and liver, and then outrageously leaps to the conclusion that Bono’s “emotional trauma from gender confusion” could lead to suicide. Wanis drops in allusions to Bono’s weight, his romantic history, his alleged tension with Cher, the risk of diabetes, prescription drug effects… basically, a laundry list of possible contributors to an early death.

His “grim prognosis” is that Bono “could be dead by age 46,” which Wanis calculated “using his sophisticated longevity guide, the Life and Death Calculator.” Ah, the Life and Death Calculator. The one that’s made Wanis look foolish and mean-spirited time after time after time.

In any case, Bono isn’t tolerating the magazine’s outrageous death prediction. His legal team has sent the Enquirer a letter demanding that the tab print a retraction for the “blatantly false and defamatory” “smear campaign.” Gossip Cop hopes the tabloid does the right thing.

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