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Charlize Theron Gets Splattered With Whale Blood and Guts on SNL – WATCH VIDEO

Truth rating: 10

By Michael Lewittes



Charlize Theron got splattered with whale blood and guts in a wild “SNL” sketch.


In a parody of 1950s beach movies, Theron plays a teenager looking for her first kiss.

Taran Killam would love to kiss her, and asks Theron to later “meet me by the dead whale” for her first smooch.

We learn a few things before the two meet up, including that the rotting whale has been “expanding with gas” — specifically “high combustible methane” — and that Killam’s character is 22, while Theron is just 13.

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It gets more ridiculous from there.

Check out the video below, and tell us what you think. 

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