Charlize Theron Upset About Sean Penn Talking To Ex-Wife Robin Wright?

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Charlize Theron Robin Wright

By Daniel Gates

Charlize Theron Robin Wright

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Charlize Theron is NOT “threatening to call time” on her romance with Sean Penn, despite a new tabloid report claiming the actress is furious after finding out that he’s “secretly been in touch” with his ex-wife Robin Wright. Gossip Cop can bust this rumor from Star, a publication that wrongly linked Theron to Luke Grimes last year, claimed Penn was reuniting with Madonna earlier this year, and just a few weeks ago invented a story in which Jennifer Aniston (of all people) was subjected to Theron’s “jealous rage” at a dinner. Star will seemingly say anything about Theron and Penn.

This time, the magazine claims the couple’s happiness has supposedly been disrupted by Penn being in contact with his ex. “Robin and Sean barely spoke when she was with [ex-fiance Ben Foster],” explains a so-called “source” for Star. “But after Robin ended things, they began talking again. She was looking for a familiar shoulder to cry on.”

According to the tabloid, what “started out as innocent chats quickly turned more personal,” as Penn allegedly told Wright about his own relationship with Theron. “Charlize feels betrayed. It made her wonder what else Sean is hiding from her,” says the Star insider.

Um, Penn and Wright have two children together. They’re going to talk. Theron knows they’re going to talk. This story is nothing more than the latest Star attempt to portray Theron as volatile and jealous, and it’s simply NOT true. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the report is “totally absurd.”

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