Charlize Theron: “20-Year-Olds Have No F**kin’ Concept About Wisdom”

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Charlize Theron WWD Beauty Aging

By Michael Lewittes

Charlize Theron WWD Beauty Aging

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Charlize Theron talks candidly about her view of beauty, while ridiculing the standards set by our youth-obsessed society in an interview with Women’s Wear Daily.

The Oscar winner believes women should “find their strength and power in their sexuality, in their sensuality within, [through] getting older and being secure within that.”

“It’s ironic that we’ve built the beauty world around 20-year-olds, when they have no f**kin’ concept about wisdom, what life is about,” she says, noting that women “grow into [their] skin” and over time “learn the value of who [they] are.”

The actress adds, “That’s why I think people say women come into their prime in their 40s. And then for some reason our society just wants to go… it’s like a dead flower. It’s like we wilt for some reason.”

Theron notes society’s double standard when it comes to aging and the opposite sex.

“Men are like fine wines — the older they get, the better they get,” she says. “It’s such a misconception, and it’s such a lost opportunity because that’s when I think women are really in the true moment of their sensuality.”

Theron, who has undergone dramatic physical transformations for roles, says the arrival of her son Jackson has not affected her creative choices, although she does want him to be proud of her.

“I also know that that pride comes from a place of real acknowledgment that somebody’s actually living their life for themselves, and I want to be that example for my son,” she says. “I want him to grow up with a mom that he could see and look at her life with all the mistakes and with all the failures and all the flaws and say, ‘My mom lived an authentic life. That was the life she wanted to live.’”

Theron adds, “I don’t look at material and go ‘This is too dark, I have a kid now,’ because my interests still are my interests.”

“That doesn’t make me a bad mother,” she explains. “I think that makes me a really good mother, because when I go and creatively satisfy myself and those interests, I come home satisfied. And I can be a really good mother to him because I’m happy.”

What do you think of Theron’s comments?

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