Charlie Sheen Sued For Sexual Assault: Dental Tech Alleges Actor Grabbed Breast

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Charlie Sheen Sexual Assault

By Shari Weiss

Charlie Sheen Sexual Assault

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Charlie Sheen is being sued for sexual assault by the dental technician who had claimed the actor struck her. As Gossip Cop reported, Margarita Palestino accused Sheen of smacking her as she gave him nitrous oxide for a procedure last week.

She claimed that she then left the room, and was told afterward that Sheen went after dentist with a knife, with his bodyguard supposedly explaining the star’s behavior as the result of him being high on rock cocaine. A rep for Sheen, however, strongly denied the allegations to Gossip Cop, insisting “no knife involved and [Sheen was] not on any illegal drugs.”

The spokesperson, however, did say he had a “bad reaction” to the nitrous oxide because of the interaction between the anesthetic and “pain medicine” Sheen was taking for his shoulder. Though reports said Sheen was under investigation for possible battery of the technician and assault with a deadly weapon on the dentist, he had yet to be contacted by authorities.

Now comes the lawsuit from Palestino, filed Friday in Los Angeles County Superior court, in which she now alleges Sheen ripped off the oxygen mask and screamed, “I’m going to f*cking kill you.” Palestino reportedly claims in her filing that Sheen then grabbed her “left breast area” as she tried to put the mask back on him, and allegedly tried pulling down her scrubs and bra strap, and later “forcefully punched” her chest. She reiterates her accusations that Sheen pulled a knife on the dentist, and even claims the “Anger Management” star stabbed the dental chair with the weapon.

She also repeats the allegation that the supposedly “incoherent” actor was on drugs, and now also claims that an assistant for Sheen offered her $500 for her troubles. The dentist, however, has not corroborated Palestino’s claims, and reportedly even fired her for violating HIPAA privacy laws.

The legal documents claim that “As a direct and legal cause of [Sheen’s] wrongful and intentional conduct, [Palestino] suffered and continues to suffer physical injury, pain and suffering and mental anguish.” She is suing for sexual battery, assault, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Gossip Cop has reached out to a rep for Sheen for comment on the lawsuit.

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