Charlie Sheen Quitting Rumor Should Be Retired

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By Daniel Gates

Charlie Sheen

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Charlie Sheen wants out, according to one tabloid. In Touch claims the actor “has been telling pals that he wants to stop working,” and that CBS may help by ending “Two and a Half Men” after this season. “It’s been too much negative attention on them for tolerating Charlie’s bad behavior,” explains a so-called “insider.” “He’s a ticking time bomb, and they’re tired of his distorted thinking and denial.”

Um, speaking of distorted thinking… What the network wants is to keep making money. “Two and a Half Men” is an enormous hit, and a healthy Sheen means a healthy profit. It’s true the network has been concerned about the star’s off-set antics, but it would love for him to continue. Even more importantly, Sheen has no interest in retiring. He’s expressed eagerness to get back to work every time he’s been asked since “Two and a Half Men” went on a production hiatus. So the claim that he wants out, is definitely bogus.

A rep for the star confirms to Gossip Cop that the magazine’s story is inaccurate, joking, “You mean In Touch got it wrong? I am shocked.” And while the tabloid’s premise about Sheen wanting to stop working is wrong, CBS and Warner Bros. insiders tell Gossip Cop that if the actor goes off the deep end, they’ll have to let him go and figure out the show’s future.

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